SubQuery Example Projects

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# SubQuery Example Projects

Example Description Topics
extrinsic-finalized-block (opens new window) Indexes extrinsics so they can be queried by their hash The simplest example with a block handler function
block-timestamp (opens new window) Indexes timestamp of each finalized block Another simple call handler function
validator-threshold (opens new window) Indexes the least staking amount required for a validator to be elected. More complicated block handler function that makes external calls to the @polkadot/api for additional on-chain data
sum-reward (opens new window) Indexes staking bond, rewards, and slashes from the events of finalized block More complicated event handlers with a one-to-many relationship
entity-relation (opens new window) Indexes balance transfers between accounts, also indexes utility batchAll to find out the content of the extrinsic calls One-to-many and many-to-many relationships and complicated extrinsic handling
kitty (opens new window) Indexes birth info of kitties. Complex call handlers and event handlers, with data indexed from a custom chain
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